About us

Our pupils have their rooms on 3rd floor of B building.
They form groups of 10 to 15 persons.

Supervision over our pupils is given by 16 tutors working different hours.
At night-time there are two tutors to take care of dwellers of the boarding house.

Accommodation at the boarding house is free of charge. The only payment required is full board (in 2016/2017 – PLN 9.5 per day). Meals are provided by a catering company and the canteen is supervised by the boarding house tutors.  The canteen is available for pupils of the Non-public School and Educational Centre as well as for pupils of the Polish-German Primary School and the Special Education and Training Centre No. 1.

Meals are served to match the needs of individual facilities and their teaching hours as well as number of students eating in the canteen.

Cleaning services (halls, toilet, day-care room, staffroom, selected rooms and bathrooms used by disabled pupils) are rendered by a cleaning company but our pupils clean their own rooms under supervision of their tutors. All the rooms are also cleaned one by one by the cleaning personnel.